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Have your pup join us for a fun-filled day of Daycare!  Daycare provides your pup with safe socialization with our staff members and other dogs while getting the opportunity to exercise and burn off that excess puppy energy.  Your puppy will have the freedom to play in our open environment and transition between an indoor and outdoor play area as they please.  While they play, feel free to check them out on the Channel Den throughout the day via our live webcams.

Dogs are inherently social creatures and daycare is an effective means to integrate open play with others into their daily routine. Regular playtime with other dogs has numerous benefits, including:

  • Being more comfortable around different breeds of dogs and people;

  • Ensuring that your pet stays physically and mentally healthy and is an effective way to combat pet obesity;

  • Learning positive behaviour; and 

  • Fostering good relationships with other doggy daycare attendees!

Getting Started:

To get started, click here to book an assessment to have your pet go through an evaluation at our facility.  Assessments are free of charge and upon successful completion, your pet will be approved to stay with us anytime in the future! 


The assessment is designed to get to know your pet, evaluate its temperament and to gauge their level of activity, style of play and to ensure that our staff members are able to command respect from your pet when necessary.

Please refer to our daycare rates below and we look forward to having you join us for one of our daycare sessions!

Daycare Rates

At The Den, we offer quality and value-added services at competitive and reasonable rates. You won’t find another pet care company like ours anywhere. We pride ourselves in providing services that truly contribute to the enrichment of your pet’s well-being, as well as the bond you share with them.

Drop-in (up to 3 hours):

Single Drop-in Day Pass

10 Drop-in Day Package

30 Drop-in Day Package

1 Dog per Day




2 Dog per Day




Full Day Service (over 6 hours):

Single Full Day Pass

10 Full Day Package

30 Full Day Package

1 Dog per Day




2 Dog per Day




Half Day Service (up to 6 hours):

Single Half Day Pass

10 Half Day Package

30 Half Day Package

1 Dog per Day




2 Dog per Day




Overnight Stays

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Going on a trip or just need a place for your puppy to stay overnight?  Our overnight boarding facility features spacious kennel 'suites' that can be furnished with your dog's bed and personal belongings to make their stay here as welcoming as possible!  Your puppy will stay in well ventilated room with heating and cooling to ensure that the room is at a comfortable temperature all year round.  Our canine guests are only kenneled while they sleep for the night ,after a fun filled day of daycare.  The room is monitored by 24/7 video and temperature surveillance and an overnight attendant is on call in the event an emergency were to occur.  We endeavour to employ a bespoke approach to boarding as not all dogs adapt and sleep under same conditions; some may prefer a crated environment or prefer to sleep in an open space, whatever your puppy's preference, we will do our best to accommodate!

During the day, your dog will be placed in our daycare facility to play and burn off that excess energy with their friends and our staff.  They will be fed according to instructions provided and will enjoy any add-ons you requested prior to entering their suites.  They will also enjoy a personalized walk to get a last minute stretch and to allow them to do their 'business' to reduce the risk of accidents.

What you need to do to prepare:  

If you are not already an existing daycare customer, our mandatory assessment is required to ensure that your puppy will enjoy its stay with us.  We encourage you to spend a few days during the day at our daycare facility prior to an overnight stay to get familiar with our facility and comfortable with our staff.  If your puppy is not crate trained or if there is potential separation anxiety, a pilot overnight stay is recommended prior to your getaway.

Drop-off may occur anytime after we are open and pick up is anytime before 8:00am otherwise our standard daycare fees apply.

Please inform our staff of your puppy's feeding schedule, medication or special health considerations when submitting a request for overnight boarding.  Accompanied with your puppy, please bring their bed, food and any personal items to make their boarding experience feel like home.

For more information please call us or give us an email! We would love you help you out! 


If you are already a daycare customer, sign in and book your boarding reservation today!  For additional information on our policy regarding our daycare and packages please email us at:

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